I grew up in Skokie, Illinois in a cozy three bedroom house that my parents built before I was born. I lived there until I moved away to go to college, but my parents stayed there for 48 years!

When I was little I loved to ride my bicycle all over our neighborhood, swim at Devonshire Pool and spend time at the Skokie Public Library.

The Skokie Public Library has always been a wondrous place for me. It’s where I showed my mother that I knew how to read for the very first time—sitting at a table in the children’s room! When I was a little older, it’s where I discovered books like Beezus and Ramona and All-of-a-Kind Family, two of my all-time favorites. And when I was a teenager, I curled up in a special area of the library called The Unicorner, where I explored young adult books.

In college, I studied to become a social worker. After getting my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, I worked in schools, neighborhood centers and family service agencies, helping people of all ages, but mostly children.

I am married and have five terrific children. When I started out as a new mom many years ago, I picked out all the books that they read. But now that they’re older, they do the choosing and recommend books to me!