Things That Shimmer coming Spring, 2024, published by Kar Ben Books

Things That Shimmer

In the spring of 1973, Melanie Adler desperately wants to be accepted by the Shimmers, the popular kids in her class. But the secret of her mother’s PTSD stands in the way. As hard as she tries, Melanie can’t act as effortlessly confident and fun as the Shimmers. She’s convinced no one knows what it’s like to have a parent who’s afraid of everything—until Dorit Shoshani moves to town. Clever, independent Dorit understands Melanie’s home life thanks to her own family’s struggles. The girls become fast friends.

But when the Shimmers finally start to pay attention to Melanie, she’s torn between her bond with Dorit and her chance at popularity.

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A Place to Belong

A Place to Belong:
Debbie Friedman Sings
Her Way Home
Illustrated by Julia Castano
Picture book biography of singer/songwriter,
Debbie Friedman, whose heartfelt music
connected generations to Judaism.
Published by Apples & Honey Press

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Apples and Honey

Debbie’s voice soars with passion.
Her eyes sparkle with life.
Everyone Cheers.

Debbie Friedman is one of the most famous Jewish musicians of our time.
But at the start of her journey, she was just a girl looking for a place to belong.

Through music, she learned how to connect with her feelings, her heritage, and her community.
Now her music belongs to the world–and Debbie does too.

Group of Books
Say Hello, Lily

Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Younger Readers

Say Hello, Lily

Illustrated by Martha Aviles
Lily’s overwhelmed by new faces on her first visit to Shalom House but in time she makes new friends and celebrates a birthday to remember.
Published by Kar Ben Books

Joey and the Giant Box

Joey and the Giant Box

Illustrated by Mike Byrne
Collector Joey uses the box from his family’s new dishwasher to perform a big mitzvah.
Published by Kar Ben Books